Here is What Some People Like You Have Had to Say

“Working with Deb is like opening a window on a spring day and breathing fresh air into your soul. Her coaching approach has helped unlock what the Spirit in me is yearning to release.”

~ Executive Director of a not-for-profit

“Deb’s coaching was invaluable in helping me develop a “new life” time management plan as a retired pastor. It was an empowering experience!”

~ Retired Methodist Pastor and attorney

“Deb’s gift is assisting people through life transitions whether it’s adjusting to motherhood,  becoming a retiree, figuring out what school to go to, what’s next in your career or claiming your own belief system. She is really good at helping people who are at a crossroads figure out where they’re going or defining and blazing a new direction where no one has been before because she works holistically on all of our levels at once.”

~ Ph.D. former educator of MSW students

In the last five years, Firebird Spirit, Inc. has worked with churches and mid-judicatories in the Utica, and Rochester, NY areas as well as Los Angeles, CA and congregations in New Jersey.

“Please know that we love you all and all that you do. Firebird Spirit has been an inspiration and a gift to me personally, and to many others in our neck of the woods! Your affect is still felt by the churches in the Trenton and Princeton areas.”

~ Former Pastor of a historic church in Central NJ

“Since working with you, I am more centered, calmer and less anxious. My spiritual life was a mess before but now I feel listened to and heard and her prayers are awesome.”

~ LGBTQ non-binary individual

“Entering retirement after decades of full-time employment knocked me off my axis more than I ever could have anticipated. Deb wisely suggested we begin our coaching sessions before my last day at work to ease the transition. Although I thought I knew what my daily priorities were going to be, what became the natural rhythms of my day and week were clarified as my “real” priorities because of coaching. This elucidation helped me settle into a full and fun first summer as a retiree. I know continued coaching with Deb will be central in the fulfillment of my longer-term dreams and goals.”

~ Telecommunications Educator and Editor